March 24, 2015

How To Get The Best Shave Possible

young man shaving in the bath

Shaving is one of those male rituals that get passed down from father to son and unless you’re growing a full beard shaving is, without a doubt, part of your daily routine. Over the years, a lot of men try out different shaving products, different creams, different foams, different razors and they go through all of that trouble just to get that perfect, effortless shave. Unfortunately, most men actually fail. So, a couple of legitimate questions arise: What are we doing wrong and how to get the perfect shave? Read on to find out.

Before that, A short clip on Gillette showing how to get the perfect shave:

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How To Get The Best Shave Possible

1) Prepare

Always shave right after you shower. Steam opens pores on skin, which in turn causes facial hair to rise making it easier to shave. If you don’t have time or don’t feel like showering, a nice, hot towel might also do the trick.

2) Wash your face

Make sure to wash your face before you shave, preferably with a bar of soap or better yet, a liquid cleanser, if you have one. Make sure not to irritate your face in the process, just refresh it.

3) Get pre-shave oil

This is absolutely crucial and it’s something most guys have no idea about. Most men just wash their face with cold water and put shaving cream on, but pre-shave oil will soften your facial hair and in addition ensure there’s no shaving rash or irritation afterwards.

4) Apply shaving cream

After you spread the oil all over your face apply shaving cream over it. Having an old school badger brush would be ideal. If you have one, wet it before spreading the cream over your face in a circular motion.

5) Shave

After you apply shaving cream it’s time to start with the actual shaving. Make sure to always draw your razor in the same direction, this will definitely prevent those irritating ingrown hairs. Start shaving from the side burn and finish off with your neck.

6) Shave again

Number 6 is pretty much self explanatory. Go over your beard again but make sure to do it in a gentle manner.

7) Wash your face again

Wash your face again, but this time with cold water. Cold water suits the skin and cleans pores. Make sure to get rid of remaining cream and oil.

8) Aftershave care

There are basically two types of aftershave products: those that contain alcohol and those that don’t. What most men don’t know tho, is that those that do contain alcohol are perfect for guys with dry skin, while on the other hand alcohol-free after shave products are ideal for those among us that have oily skin.

There you have it. That is the best way to get that perfect shave we’re all looking for. Shaving is a long-lost art and an, often overlooked, male tradition and we should all make sure to enjoy it. After all, our fathers did and so will our sons.